Garadget works intermittently

Symptom: Garage door would open sometimes using clicker in car after installing the Garadget. In particular it would NOT work of the garage door light was on. Secondly of the garage door light was off my new car had a very weak opener and would only work when I was in the drive aboutr 50 feet from the opener.
If your Garadget does not work it could be because of electronic noise disturbing the circuitry on the garage door opener. 3 possible reasons I have found.
A. LED lightbulbs are known to cause interference. Solution is to replace with incandescent bulbs or “garage door special low noise LED bulbs” sold by Home Depot.
B. Your garage door opener is sensitive to the noise which may be leaking thru the Garadget antenna. Solution is to buy a “IPEX compatible” WIFI antenna available on amazon for about 8 bucks for 2 of them. To install that antenna open up the covers on the Garadget remove the original antenna and replace with the new antenna (snaps off and then snaps on). The picture below will show you what the new antenna looks like. Might mount on the garage door opener frame with a couple washers.
C. If the above does not solve the problem then you may have to relocate the Garadget completely away from the garage door opener. The remainder of the article shows how this might be done. There are 3 steps to do this.

  1. Buy a garage door antenna extender. Available on amazon for about 30 bucks and is really neat if it extends the range of your garage door opener half way down the block. I put mine outside of the garage thru the wall shown in the second photo. The antenna connects to the garage door opener antenna using an RG6 female female connector shown above the letters Ma in the first photo.

2. Replace the Garadget antenna with the black WIFI antenna shown in the below photo. Then move the Garadget to the back wall of the garage. My wall to door distance was 23 feet and the reflection was still 17 percent from the laser and works fine. I was able to peel off the reflector and relocate it where the laser showed up on the garage door. Note the upgraded antenna that I bought from amazon. Notice that I ran a small white wire pair from the Garadget to the garage door opener and connected where the original 2 foot black wire that came with the Garadget was connected (white wire going up in photo).

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I use Garadget in conjunction with IFTTT. Garadget has a service that IFTTT can call to open garadget automatically upon arrival (location service) I think. You set the range of your house location to open the door. It seems there are at least 187 users that use that feature/service.