Garage Door Not Opening/Closing

I have had this product for several years and very satisfied. However, just the last couple of days the app shows status opening or closing but the garage door is not doing so. I have removed and re-added the door and deleted and reinstalled most recent app to no avail. Please help/advise. Thanks!

This is likely related to wiring. Please inspect the connection and make sure control wire is reliably attached to the corresponding terminals on both ends.

I had that problem but only a certain time of the year when the sun was at the right angle coming through the window hitting the reflective tape.

Also check that your unit is not loose and the red dot is near the centre of the reflective tape, I had the same thing in the past and it was because the laser was right on the edge of the reflective tape and occasionally missing it and saying the door was open.

Check the sensors, if they are in correct alignment (there are troubleshooting videos on Youtube for that- by Liftmaster).