Garage Door Open When Closed and Vice Versa

I no longer see the laser, does this mean it is kaput?

My garage door closes with the button, but if I use the app it closes only a few inches and stops.

Status - stopped
Reflection - 0%
WiFi - excellent

If the laser doesn’t blink while the scan period is set to default (“once every second”) then most likely the laser needs replacement.

I just replaced my laser on my unit. I got 3 for $10 on Amazon. 2 solder points and it was fixed in 10 minutes. I’ll even send you a laser if you give me a SASE.

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That is so kind of you! Crazy thing I was ready to get rid of it and unplugged it and took it down and just before throwing it away I decided to give it one more shot and it worked! It has been plugged in and working for several days so hopefully it will continue. Thank you for the offer :slight_smile: