Garage door status keeps changing if kept open


My garadget keeps chasing status between open and close if the garage door is kept open. I had some tradespeople working outside the garage and they had to use the power and I had to keep the garage door open. My garadget kept switching between open and close which shouldn’t happen!

You can try adjusting the threshold setting up to 15 or 20 if the issue persists.

is it the sensor threshold? What does that value do? It’s set in percentage!

from: Garadget Settings and Alerts

  • Sensor Threshold - The minimum reflection rate to be interpreted as closed door. If the controller generates false negatives (i.e. reporting the door as open/opening when it is in fact closed) then threshold should be reduced to about half of the lowest reflection value. If the condition continues, consider re-positioning the unit and/or shielding it from the source of bright ambient light. The value can be increased in case of false positives (i.e. door intermittently reported as closed when it is in fact open or opening). False positives may be caused by the highly reflective surfaces in the path of the laser when door is in motion.