Garage opener won't open but will close

So my current issue is this - my vehicle’s built in garage door opener won’t open the door now but will work to close the door? Suggestions? I have this issue will all three opener (two vehicle built in openers and one visor clip opener). I tried searching the forum but I don’t see anyone else experiencing this same issue. I am using garadget with a chamberlain lift master.

Do you observe the same behavior when the two wires connecting to the opener are removed from Garadget’s terminal but left connected on the other end?

The blue terminal is not electrically connected to anything other than normally open mechanical contacts of the relay. Other than at them moment when the command is being handled by the Garadget, having the wires attached to its terminal should not have any effect on the door opener.

I too have noticed the HomeLink in both of my cars have a “harder” time activating the Craftsman GDO since installing the Garadget - sometimes, but not always. For me it is usually opening the door, but it happens sometimes when trying to close it. I usually have to move the car in the driveway and try it again. One time I dug my phone out of my pocket and opened the door as I was getting so frustrated with it. I have checked the position of the GDO antenna and it is hanging straight down (as much as this is possible). I didn’t use the provided heavy gauge wire to connect the Garadget to the GDO, but rather some left over twisted bell wire from the GDO. This connection passes close to the antenna at about a 90 degree angle, but does not touch it. I’ll try repositioning it and report back.

Does garadget require such a heavy gauge wire? I wonder if the connection is lost due to the garage opener having a substantial small gauge and not completing the circuit? If garadget doesn’t request the heavy gauge I’ll try a smaller flexiable wire and report back with the results…

The heavier gauge wire is provided purely to make its installation easier. The control circuit doesn’t produce much current so electrically, there is no need for so much copper. Feel free to replace it with the lighter wire if you believe it will help with the radio.

To troubleshoot, see if following makes any difference:

  • Leave wire attached to the opener, but disconnect Garadget
  • Connect Garadget with really short wire

This should give the idea if the issue has to do with the electrical circuit to which Garadget is connected or radio frequency interference caused by additional wires near the opener’s antenna.

All vehicle remotes work with no issues when the wires are removed from the back of the garadget but still connected to the main opener. Something is interfering with the remote signal. Thoughts suggestions?

Does it matter if Garadget powered up or not?
Can you use some multimiter to confirm the terminals in the back of your unit remain normally open (no continuity, unlimited resistance).

possibly somehow invoking “lock out” mode of the opener? That usually only effects the wireless remotes.

It’s a remote (pun intended) possibility. The “relay on time” can be increased in settings, if current pulse time matches that, used for lock-out command.

When the garadget is unplugged (no power) all remotes and keys pads work normally (garadget is still however connected to terminals). I have a multimeter - please walk me thorough what info you are looking for…there are four terminals on the one side of the unit. I’m attaching garadget to the rear two ports/terminals.

Yes, you’re connecting the opener to the correct terminals. Normally there should be no continuity between them, regardless if power is on or off.

You say that there is no issue unless Garadget is powered up. With that in mind there are following possibilities:

  • Garadget’s WIFI radio somehow interferes with opener’s wireless communication. To test that you can try unscrewing Garadget’s base from the body and moving it as far as possible from opener’s antenna while still keeping it connected. I’d suggest uncoiling the opener’s antenna - it doesn’t look straight in your picture.
  • After Garadget is connected, the command issued to it locks out the wireless remotes instead of operating the door. To test that, power up Garadget, but don’t send any commands. See if wireless remotes are affected.

If you run out of patience with this, we can just do the exchange on assumption that the issue is with the unit you received.

If it helps, I connected my Garadget to the door switch rather than directly to the opener - it just makes my life easier with the type of opener I have. This obviously means a longer cable run but takes it away from the GDO itself. I used 4 core alarm cable which the same gauge cable as the wall switch and safety beams are using anyway.

Please try the scenario where you start with the properly working opener, connect and power up Garadget, but do not issue any commands to it. If wireless openers continue working fine, then send some commands through Garadget and test again. It is possible that Garadget commands are misinterpreted by the opener e.g. lock out vs open/close.

I moved my Garadget’s wire further away from the GDO antenna wire and it has improved the operation substantially. The wires were originally less than an inch apart (not touching) and are now a little over three inches apart. For what it’s worth.

Glad to hear the situation improved. When it comes to the radio frequency, the proximity of the conductors may be enough to cause the effect. You can probably improve situation even more by moving Garadget further or shaping its wires so they’re not as close or parallel to opener’s antenna.

Powering the garadget up and not using the app everythinggr else to be working normally. But when I use the app to close the door we are back at being locked out. So… I moved the unit farther away from the opener attenna (see attached photo) works fine now.

ill test the wife’s car later today just to make sure everything is good to go.

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