Garage Status alexa

Have had this great product for 2 years now and love it
Was wondering if there is a way to make it work this way in alexa…

Instead of saying’ Alexa,… ask smart garage status
Can there be a way to say Alexa… garage status

It used to work in Simple Commands but I can not get to work anymore and can not even add Garadget to that app anymore and have emailed then continually no response… and seems they are not responding or the app is not being supported anymore

I am just trying find a way to make it faster to ask alexa the garage status
Does anyone know a trick or a way to do this

BTW I did try this in routines and can not make it work there at all

Thanks everyone

Additionally to the skill invoked with “Alexa, ask smart garage to open doorname”, there is now a skill that integrates Garadget into smart home devices and you can operate doors with simpler commands such as “Alexa, open doorname”. Give it a try:

The routines do not work though. We’ve contacted Amazon about it and apparently this is by design. As of now, they don’t have any plans for enabling routines for garage doors.


I am able to use Alexa to say “open the garage” and “close the garage” using Alexa’s Routines feature in conjunction with IFTTT.

It involves connecting in the IFTTT app the Garadget skill “Tell Amazon Alexa to Open Garage” and “Tell Amazon Alexa to Close Garage.” Within IFTTT you specify which garage door you are referring to.

THEN, within the Alexa app you create a new routine. Alexa app allows you to provide a phrase which you provide that will trigger an IFTTT action. Then you choose the IFTTT skill you created.

Now you might be wondering why I am metioning this as it does not answer your question. I wonder if the @garadget folks or someone who knew how to create to IFTTT skills could do this for the the garage status too. I would love to use an Alexa routine that responded to “Alexa, is the garage open” and respond with the appropriate resposne. I have no idea if this is possible. But I do know that as of today using IFTTT and routines in the Alexa app work great to open and close my garage door.

Try Garadget Smart Home skill linked in previous post. With it you should be able to bypass IFTTT in your door status requests.

I was not aware that this skill could do this. It works great. Thank you.

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