Garage Won’t close

Good Morning, My controller had been working great for years with no issues. Now for the last few months it will not close. I ca use the app to open but not to close it. If if swipe down to close it it will start to shut for about 1 second then immediately open back up.

I have met made any changes ect. Any help would suffice. I’ve don’t several hard resets and several power cycles to no avail.

Can you close the door with your other remotes?
When the door is closes, does the app report it as such?
If not then you’ll need to check the alignment of the laser.

I removed the connection for the other remotes and it’s the only device connected. There is not anything in the way of the laser or the sensors at the bottom of the garage doo. When the garage is down I can pull it up With no issue. Just can’t swipe it down at all. Is there a firmware update or anything I can try?

I would suggest having a backup method for the door operation. Garadget relies on the internet connection and servers which doesn’t guarantee 100% availability.

I’ll circle back to my last reply: do you get the closed door confirmation from the app when the door is fully closed?

Make sure you checked those safety beams sometimes they work great but once the door gets to a certain point it may have a spider web hanging from it or a leaf that blows in front of the safety beams but it’s hanging from the bottom of the door. but also you have a force adjustment on the garage door opener another words sometime a door get a little bind or a little heavier or what ever maybe It will act just like a safety beam to so you can added a little more force to the opener.

It won’t fully close, It will go down about an inch then automatically come back up. There is nothing blocking the the sensor at all. I’ll make a quick video in a few and post it.

This typically happens when the door status is out of sync with what the unit got from the sensor.
Try closing the door using the wall button and confirm that the app reliably reports the door as closed. If it doesn’t, check that the laser is aligned and sensor reports sufficient reflection well above the threshold setting.