Garage won't open/close

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You mentioned that your opener is an older model. It is very unlikely that that the reason the commands don’t work is the same as in case of previous posters here. If you have to hold the button all the way while the door closes, the probable reason is that your opener doesn’t have a photo-eye safety feature installed/working. What is the model of your opener?


Hi Denis,

Thanks for your response. I mis-spoke in saying that you have to hold down the button to open or close the garage. I do have the photo eye safety feature (that detects if something in in the way).

The model number is 139.53970SRT.

Hope that is the information you needed.



From the manual it looks like for your opener, Garadget should be connected to terminals #1 & #2. If you already have connected to those terminals then please confirm the wiring by temporarily connecting the two screws in the back of Garadget with a piece of conductor and it should have the same effect as pressing a wall button.


Hi, I just received two of the controllers and neither one of them opens my garage door. I have a Liftmaster Professional…Model 2245. The app recognizes both controllers and when the door is opened and closed. Any help greatly appreciated.


Model 2245 appears to be compatible without the need for workaround involving the native controller. Please connect control wires to red and white terminals (two on the left). As the test, if they make a contact on the other end that should activate the door same way as if you pressed the wall button.


That fixed my problem, but now I am getting false alerts stating the door is opening or open when it is closed. Any suggestions?


Please makes sure the laser is pointed at the center of the reflective tag and not blocked by the release rope or anything else. You can find the full list of troubleshooting steps in the troubleshooting guide (part describing the issues following successful installation).