Gate Installation

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Hello Denis, all menbers,

i just ordered a garadget unity with antena, and in fact i do have a outdoor gate that i want to connect.
my question related to that is how to make the more efficcient way to detect tthat the door is opened or not? is it possible to connect it to some openning sensor if the built in laser is not enough accurate?

thx a lot!


Yes, it’s possible to connect a wired sensor Garadget through its extension port.
Both normally open contacts and normally closed contacts sensors are supported.
Please contact me for the connection info and firmware when you have the sensor and figured out how to wire it.


Hi Denis,
Finally got my Garadget and will install next week (I hope). I am using the wired gate sensor from gogogate, WDS-101 gate sensor. It appears to be a simple magnetic reed relay sensor. It is normally closed when the gate is closed and I have the wiring extended into my garage about 130 feet away. When the gate is closed the line meters at 3 to 4 ohms resistance, so I assume this will cause no concern on the sensing for the garadget. Also, my garage is not an ideal wifi location for the garadget but reception works there on other devices. Is there any internal antenna sensitivity issue with locating the garadget vertically on a wall instead of horizontally as shown in your pictures?


I don’t expect any resistance issues from the length of the wire, there’s hardly any current running through the sensor so there is not going to be any voltage sag, now the EMP from lightning inducted over such length may be a consideration.

Re. WiFi strength: vertical mount shouldn’t cause any issues. If the signal needs a boost there are several options for that including external antenna and repeaters. Let’s see how it goes when you have it at the location.


Thanks for the assurance. The gate sensor leads are in underground conduit except for the small length across the width of the gate. We do have a lot of lightening and on occasion it has taken out my gate controller circuit board located on the hinge post of the gate. The gate controller has an antenna and I can’t prevent such an event if the strike is close. In the case of the garadget, I will have to take the chance we don’t have a strike close enough to induce a pulse in the short wire across the gate. I am in Colorado Springs and I believe you are from cO so you know our lightening issues.


Yep, I’m in Grand Junction on Western Slope.
Luckily for us, we’re sitting on the floor of the valley and although we enjoy spectacular lightening shows, we don’t get any near strikes.

Let me know how it goes. When you’re ready, I’ll supply the latest version of the firmware modified for the contact sensor.


Anyone still here?? so trying to change firmware to use magnetic sensor but failing…
i download the normally open .bin and it says successful but no chance - laser still working


I can upload that remotely. Please PM me the device ID and name.


Hi there.
Can you advise how to use magnetic sensor.
Any pic and wiring instructions would be useful


Morgan, you can find the wiring instructions above in the thread. Please let me know if you need any additional information.