Gate Installation

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I will be using this on a outdoor auto gate instead of a garage.

I think the trigger for open /close will not be a problem.
The laser alignment for the state of the door will be tricky.
Can rewire to use a magnetic door sensor instead ?

Any suggestion ?
Is this device water proof ?

Using Garadget for gate controller
I am getting bunch of notifications for no reason
Future upgrade

Garadget in its stock configuration is not designed for outdoor use. One reason is moisture, another is intense ambient light affecting the laser sensor.

However, the firmware can be re-programmed for use with the magnetic sensor attached to the extension port in the back. Also without the use of laser it can be easily protected from moisture.

I can create a modified version of the firmware for this purpose. Please let me know your time frame for the project so I can prioritize.



Thanks for the prompt reply.
I am impressed by your great attitude and superlative services.
I wish you every success in your endeavours.

Was deciding among Gogogate 2 ,nold open , glink and many others.
I immediately decided on garadget and has ordered one piece from indiegogo.
I am from Singapore.

I would appreciate if you can amend the firmware to include the magnetic sensor…
I will be placing the magnetic sensor in the near end whereby when the circuit is closed (the magnet is together with sensor ) = the gate is open.

I also have existing simple outdoor photo sensor.Can instruct how to connect?


Thanks for your support of Garadget, Lim.
Are you sure closed sensor represents the open gate. Typically, the contacts in the reed sensors are normally open.

Re. outdoor photo sensor: please send the info/pics, I’ll research it.


I am using this infra red photocell sensor …

Infrared Sensor

Its a swing gate and was trying to minimised wires length and hence wanted to put the sensor at the near gate pillar…
The typical reed sensors which are normally open will work as well and necessitate a simple change of position for the sensor. Let s do the common method for a wider audience.


Sliding Gate

It’s all fine, I can make it compile with different flags, just wanted to make sure you have it right on your end.
Will try to allocate some time for this during the weekend.


Here’s the firmware as promised:

The switch connects to the 4pin extension port in the back to pins 2 (line) and 4 (GND) counting from left to right looking from the back. You can use any of these connectors with it.

Please PM me the ID of the devices you’re going to flash so I can exclude them from the automatic firmware updates.
Don’t forget to post the photos of your completed project.

Sliding Gate

Thanks.My device has not arrived yet.I will pm you the ID once I have it.

Another question…This attached firmware will also deactivate the LED sensor ?
I need to keep the Garadget in a safe dry area and hence the Led beam may signal falsely.


Yes, the laser sensor is deactivated by this firmware version and you can fully enclose your unit a protective case.


How do you flash the attached normally closed/open switch firmware ?


Thanks .I found it.
Manage to flash the firmware successfully.

Used the instruction here.HowTO



Have been using the custom firmware for Gate Installation.
Notice that it does not have the new useful Location alert feature.(Firmware version 1.1).
Only have Event,Timeout and Night Alert.

Appreciate if you can find the time to update the custom Gate Installation to include this feature.
Also the link for manual firmware update is no longer at HowTo.Please provide steps(link) to update custom firmware manually.



The location alert feature doesn’t require any support from the device. It’s implemented in the mobile app: when you’re leaving the configured area, the app checks the status of the door and displays the alert if it is not closed.

If you’re using the mobile app (iOS or Android) with location services enabled, then you should be able to configure this feature.


From now on there is no need to install drivers in order to flash the firmware for the wired sensor.
It can now be programmed via remote over-the-air update upon owner’s request.

Please PM the device ID and for proof of ownership temporarily rename it to “Wired Sensor”.


This appears to be exactly what I need to control my driveway gate. I can mount the unit in my garage out of the weather and I have a spare 2 wire cable running from the gate to my garage for the wired sensor. I would plan to use the WDS-101 gate sensor by gogogate or some similar reed relay sensor. It is a single swing gate using a GTO Pro 2000XL gate opener with a 2 wire push button remoted to the garage. If I buy the Garadget controller for my gate will I be able to get the same firmware modification to handle the wired gate sensor? Also can the unit be connected to my home network by Ethernet or is wifi the only interface? I see from others that it will interface with the Samsung Smartthings hub. I have a Wink Hub 2 and I assume it will interface with that as well.


Thank you for your interest in Garadget. Regarding your questions:

  • Yes, you’ll be able to get the wired sensor firmware. I also plan to include that as the configurable option in the future firmware versions.
  • WiFi is the only communication option available, sorry no Ethernet.
  • Wink is a boutique platform not open for third party developers so the integrations must come from the company. I’ve contacted them about the integration several times without any response so far. Smarthings is no problem.


Thank you for your quick response. From what I see, any device that will interface with Smartthings will interface with Wink Hub 2. I prefer the Wink since it will operate in the 5 GHz band with my gateway Router and my 2.4 GHz is packed right now. I may pursue that a little once I receive the Garadget. Although at this time with little documentation to review it is not clear how the interface with Smartthings is made, i.e. ZWave? I will probably be back with you later and keep you posted on how it goes. I will document my progress with the gate opener installation for you.


Garadget uses 2.4GHz WiFi radio (not Z-Wave) to connect to your home router and establish connection to Particle platform servers. The HA hubs then connect to the server and use REST API to talk to the devices.

Recently added MQTT support allows Garadgets to talk directly to the local HA hubs supporting this protocol.


Thanks, still hope for a Wink Hub 2 interface, maybe with an IFTTT recipe if needed.


Yes, IFTTT is a good option. Please post your findings.