Genie 1028

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I wanted to find out if the garadget will work with the Genie 1028 door opener. I already ordered that but wanted to get this question answered before I can even attempt connecting it once I receive that.



From the manual it looks compatible. Connect to terminals #3 & #4:



Thank you. Do I have to connect garadget to the wall opener (terminals 3 and 4) or still the overhead opener (terminals 3 and 4)?


You make the connection where wall console wires come into the opener which is nearest to Garadget mounting location.


Thanks for the response. I tried to install today and I couldn’t identify the stipped wire and the white one. All I could see is a blue and orange ones… I’ve attached the diagram. I’ve also attached images from the wall opener system and I already see two wires installed in the last two terminals. Please let me know how I should move forward.


Please connect to two terminals labeled BWC (#3 & #4).
You can twist Garadget control wires with corresponding wires that are already attached to those terminals.


How do I identify the white and the stripped garadget wire from the image. To me, it looks like blue and orange/red. Please clarify that. Also, please let me know which color should be twisted with # 3 & 4.


Garadget connection doesn’t have polarity so it doesn’t matter which of the two wires you connect to the two terminals on the opener.


Ok. Does it matter on the garadget device? Do I need to connect the wires based on any color codes in the garadget device?


Nop, it doesn’t matter on Garadget side either.