Genie Model 2028 Compatible?

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Professional Line Model.

I read the long list of compatible Genie door models, unfortunately, mine is not? Is there wiring alternative for the Genie Model 2028? Cool product, but surprised the 2028 did not make the list.

[Genie belt/chain/screw drive Garage Door Openers (Genie belt/chain/screw drive Garage Door Openers (2562, 2568, 3022, 3024, 3042, 3062 , 3064, 4024, 4042, 4062, 4064, SC1200, CB1000, CB1200))


Apologies for the confusion. If the opener is not specifically mentioned in a post talking about compatibility, it doesn’t indicate that it’s incompatible. I looked at the manual for Genie model 2028 and it is likely directly compatible. You can confirm that by momentarily connecting the two terminals for the wall console:


Your report of the result would be greatly appreciated.


Have not ordered the unit yet, but, will this possibly cause the unit to short out and make the garage door opener inoperable?


BWC connection (terminals #3 & #4 in J3) is for button and that’s what buttons do - they momentarily connect the lines. Usually term “shorting out” describes shorting of the power lines.


I just installed mine on the Genie 2028. Works well.