Genie Model 2562 - PowerLift® 900

Genie Model 2562 - PowerLift® 900 Says it’s compatible with
Garadget but will not open or close garage door. Wired as per
Wiring diagram to the BWC #3 & 4 terminals (there’s no 5&6).
I can hear the relay click in the garadget unit but no response
Of the door open / close. What can I do?

Increase Relay On Time in settings. I had the same problem. I set mine to 0.7 for my liftmaster.

Thanks for the response unfortunately I tried this and increased the
relay time all the way to one second with no luck. But thank you
again for taking the time to respond.

Disconnect the wires from the garadget and touch them together. If it doesn’t open your garage door, it’s not the garadget, and you should check your connections at the garage door opener. If it does open then try resecuring them to the garadget.