Genie SilentMax 1000

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Hi Phillip.

I don’t have a picture handy, but I do have a description of my wiring setup. (I’ll grab some pictures as soon as I can).

Here’s how I have mine connected:

Genie wall control inside garage --> wires running along ceiling --> garage door opener connectors (on the actual Genie device).

A NEW set of wires starting from the “OPENER” side of dry contact adapter --> garage door opener connectors. (Yes, they are sharing the same spot as the wall mounted unit wires described in previous step).

The black wire shown in my picture way above is the wiring coming out of the “OPENER” port on my adapter.

Now, starting from the “SWITCH” ports on dry contact adapter --> Garadget provided set of wires --> my Garadget. :slight_smile:

Referring to the picture way above again, the black-n-white wire on the left side is running down to my Garadget device.

I hope this helps. I’ll get some pictures on here soon. (I’ve had a couple people PM me about this before, so I should have taken the hint :wink: )


Attaching a “marked up” picture of my Dry Contact Adapter. Yellow line is the wire I connected to the SWITCH end of the adapter, running down to my Garadget, mounted upside down on my Genie.

Green line is the wire exiting the adapter from the OPENER end and runs to the connection port of my Genie. It shares the same spots as the wires coming from my wall control panel.


Thanks for the picture and write up. That will help a lot. Did you get an extra cable when you purchased your dry contact control? I didn’t. All I have is the box and the cable that connects the box to the garaget.


Nope. No wire here either. I re-used one of the wires I got with my Garadget and then used speaker wire (I think that’s what it originally was) or some other spare wires I had in my garage. I believe that is the yellow-colored wire in my picture above (it is actually a black-n-white wire, which makes me think it was in a package intended for speaker wiring). I imagine that most anything will work there. :slight_smile: