Genie SilentMax 1000

Hi there! I have setup my account on the web and the app. I downloaded the app successfully. The wiring is fine with the Garadget and the opener I have. The app and web console shows that the door is closed. The Garadget app does not open the door.

I have used my wall control and my regular remotes - the door is working fine.

But, I can’t get the app to do anything. It starts the animation and averages around 5-6%. It never finishes the animation and never opens the door. What can I do? :frowning:

Hello @abarbee314,
Did you test that the wiring by shorting the wires on the Garadget’s end and making sure the door starts moving?

How do I short the wires? Touch the two Garadget wires to each other?

Yes, that’s essentially what Garadget does with the relay inside when you send the command.
If door doesn’t move then either wiring is incorrect or your opener uses Security+ 2.0 (info here and here).

If door does move then we can try increasing relay time in settings. If that doesn’t work then we proceed to the unit replacement.

Well, I disconnected the wires going to my Garadget and touched them together - no luck. I swapped the wires in the door opener and tried again. Still no reaction from ‘shorting’ the wires together.

I have a Genie SilentMax 1000 which does not have a yellow security 2.0 button described in those two links you provided.

I also tried increasing the button press time (relay?) and it still doesn’t open the door. I was so excited about using this but have been working on this for a couple hours now and it still isn’t working. :frowning:

Hopefully, you have another trick up your sleeve. :slight_smile:

According to manual the wall button is connected to white (#3) and black (#4) terminals on the opener. Please make sure that’s where you connecting your Garadget.

Yes, that is correct. I was able to find the manual earlier today and did make sure that both the blue/black wires you gave me are in terminals #3 and 4 in the opener.

I researched some more and it appears this model may not be using dry contact button for the control.
The options are to either solder into a spare remote, hook Garadget to the contacts of the button inside of the existing wall remote or use a dry contact adapter (PN: 38013R). The issue is the same for any add-on smart controller and you can find it discussed here.

Ok. Well, I guess I’ll order a dry contact adapter and see if that is the missing link for my setup. Thanks for your help. I’ll report back in a week or so with my update. Thanks :slight_smile:

So I ordered a dry contact adapter off of eBay and hooked it up as soon as it arrived today. I connected it to the wires coming out of the opener and the other end of the wires were already touching each other. Once the connection was made the door immediately started moving. (Attaching a picture of the adapter strapped to my opener)

I finished connecting everything and tried out the app multiple times. So excited!!!

It’s working perfectly and I’m looking forward to trying this out when away from home. :grinning:


Bumping this thread to add a possible FYI for those with recent-gen Genie garage door openers–like the OP, I have a Genie SilentMax Revolution series opener that doesn’t have the yellow Security button and as such, had assumed that I would need a dry contact adapter in order for Garadget to work with my Genie since the garage door wall switch is not the simple one-button one but rather, a 3-button one (more about that below). Lo and behold, after hooking everything up and using the app to open the door, I could hear the Garadget relay click but the door would not open/close; shorting the wires at the Switch end of the dry contact adapter did not open the door but shorting the wires at the Opener end of the adapter did open the door.

Long story short–turns out I did not need the dry contact adapter after all; I’m guessing that it’s not needed in my case because my particular Genie model uses what’s called a Series 2 Wall Control module rather than a Series 3 module (in which case I would assume that for Series 3 modules the dry contact adapter might/would be required)–the Wall Control module consists of 3 buttons (Open/Close, Light, and Lock); the visual difference between the two Series is that Series 2 has white-colored buttons while Series 3 has black-colored buttons.

Hopefully this bit of info might help other folks with similar Genie openers in determining if they may need the dry contact adapter.


Good update to my post. Looking at the variances in the Genie models, maybe it would have been helpful for me to share a picture of my wall unit. Glad you figured it out and that you didn’t need the adapter like me. :+1:t3:

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I need help. All app and wifi setup went fine with the device, install laser to reflective tape all good. The problem is that I wired the 2 relay wire direct in parallel to the same wires from the wired button on a Genie IntelliG SilentMax 1000. It sure seems like Genie is using communication on these lines, not just dry contact relays. Any advise?

Which adapter is this? I am having the same problem

Another comment… I was looking for a device to check the status of the door, basically confirming that the door is indeed closed. I am concerned that another Genie device may open the door but the garadget may not know. True?

This is what I ordered from eBay: Genie 38013R Series III Dry Contact Adapter. Holler if you can’t find it on there - I found several when I was shopping

The Garadget will always know the status of the door, no matter what function was used to open/close it (external unit, wall unit in garage by light switch, remote or Garadget itself). That’s the beauty of the laser/reflector setup. When that line is “broken” Garadget knows that the door is open. :slight_smile:

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So the SilentMax dry contact does not drive the garage door open or closed. If I use the app, it thinks that the door is opening and closing but it is not moving. Plus, the tape fell off so while I was on vacation I kept getting notices the door was open when it wasn’t. Good thing I couldn’t control the door or I would’ve been opening and closing constantly trying to close it.

Not sure if you got your setup finished (sorry I haven’t been on here in a while). The dry contact adapter is just some sort of override for our openers. There’s something in their wiring that requires this piece for us to use Garadget.

If your door isn’t opening via the app you might try the web interface. Again assuming you didn’t contact Denis on here already.

Hi abarbee314, I was wondering if you might have a picture of the wiring you did. I purchased that adapter from eBay as well and was wondering how you connected it.