Security+ 2.0 Openers (yellow "learn" button)

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If your garage door opener has a Yellow Learn Button, it utilizes Security+ 2.0 technology (source).

In these units the simple wall button is replaced with the control panel communicating via the proprietary (and agressively defended) serial protocol. Affected units include AssureLink models from LiftMaster, Chamberlain and Sears.

Garadget may not tap into that communication, but it can “press” the button of a spare remote. Here is an example of a successful setup by @xNinjas.

Some of the compatible remotes are 882LM, 883LM 891LM which at the time of writing can be purchased for under USD 20.

Please post your questions and install reports with your Security+ 2.0 units.

Reports correctly but no control
Installation Genie SilentMax 1000
Genie SilentMax 1000
Liftmaster 8165
Garadget Setup Instructions

I purchased the Garadget also and I’m working to resolve the incompatibility with LiftMaster openers.

In the instructions below - it’s mentioned that you can use an 883LM remote to hardwire the Garadget to the opener by soldering the relay wires to the button contacts on the 883LM.

However, the owners manual for the Liftmaster does not recommend attaching a second hardwired wall unit to the device and instead recommends purchasing a wireless remote.

Has anyone managed to connect a second wired wall mounted button to the Liftmaster?
If so, was it necessary to have it “learn” the connection with the device?



Researching your questions I stumbled upon this 883LM version, at $6.5 shipping included and customers reporting in reviews that they were able to use that as add-on to the existing wall terminal.

@G3P0, Please specify the model of your LiftMaster and also provide a picture if not too much trouble. Most LiftMaster models in the wild are not Security+ 2.0 so it would be helpful for other readers to know which ones are.


Thank you for your quick response!

I have a model LiftMaster 3850.
On Page 13 of the owners manual it states under “SPECIAL NOTE”
Only one 398LM can be connected to each garage door opener. If additional wall controls are desired to operate the same garage door opener, it is recommended to use model 378LM wireless wall control as the secondary door control. I suspect there’s some logic in the wall unit that’s communicating with the controller in the lift - so it makes sense they would only want one connected.

I received my Garadget yesterday - and I followed the concept of attaching bell wires from the button on the wall controller 398LM to the Garadget. The wiring hack is working as expected.

I have some additional questions about operation of the device, and I’ll look for other posts that may have already answered my questions.

Thanks again,



Gaver, Thanks for the info and pictures.
I replied to your configuration related question.


Can you please share the wiring diagram to make garadget work with my liftmaster and 883LM push button?

Raynor Pilot II wall control 882 RGD

I don’t have one with me, but if you post the pictures of the both sides of the PCB inside it and I’ll suggest you the hookup points.


Attaching pic of pcb


Please see below. You can pre-test the hookup points by shorting them with the piece of the conductor and making sure that the door responds.


@garadget I also have a 883LM but I think I have an updated revision. Attaching pictures. Can you advise? Thanks in advance!


Here you go:


Brilliant, works like a charm! You are awesome @garadget.
Couple of settings questions.

  1. I’ve one door and one garadget but I’ve installed the app on two phones; an iPhone and an Android. That should be ok right? I see diff door name though I set it as the same.
  2. How do I do up alerts to notify me that garage door is opened for X mins and auto close the door after Y mins?
  3. How do I set up to alert if the door remains open after, say, 9pm?



Thanks for your feedback. Now questions:

  1. no problem with that. You may want to restart your unit by clicking “R” if the name didn’t propagate right. Renaming in the app is another option
  2. you’re describing “timeout alert” available in alerts tab of the app. You’ll have to issue the close command though. This avoids potential problem when the door starts closing unexpectedly.
  3. that’s “night alert” feature in the alerts tab of the app. Make sure to configure the time zone.

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I finally picked up a 883lm button here is some pictures