Goes offline every 1-2 minutes, then offline fully until reset

Been great for years, but now it is offline every few minutes. I have given it its own dedicated access point, its the only device. Tested that with iphone and laptop - no comms issues. It is just 2 metres away. All the bsic wifi settings (2.4Ghz/20 etc etc) I have reset it and configured it to use that AP. Does not seem to fix it. It works, then flashes green, then works and that repeats a while, before being offline fully with a hard on white light. I can turn off and on, or press the reset and it is back doing the same thing again. Multiplke cables and power tried. I am in Australia so not cost effective to post back. Things have moved on and you can get a cheap chinese one (sonoff style) for a fraction of the garadget price now - i.e less than the postage to USA - that even has the door monitoring with a magnet so no laser failings either.