Google Home Command Fails


For some reason Google home commands work for a while then they fail. The only way to resolve this that I’ve found is to delete and start over with new command. How do I resolve this?


Please try to re-authorize your Garadget account with IFTTT.
Let me know if this doesn’t resolve the problem.


That sovled the issue, but why does this need to consistently be done? It should be a set it and forget kind of a thing.


Normally it is.
Did you have to go through this step multiple times previously?


Yes. I had to remove everything from ifttt and re add it.


Some time ago we’ve made modifications to make IFTTT authorization tokens never expire. Previously they expired after 90 days. Please let us know if you experience this issue again.


I’m having the same problem!!! It is the third or fourth time this has happened to me. Still not able to get it up and running again this time.


Do you receive any error messages when trying to re-authorize your Garadget account with IFTTT?


I am having the _same problem with mine. I have to keep removing the applets and re installing


The issue still persists. I had to reset the connection within IFTTT again to resolve the problem. Please advise.


Please try adding an applet with a different trigger like this one. When Google Home applet fails to run, are you still able to use the one with widget trigger?


I couldn’t tell you. I’ve reset the connection and it’s back to working again. The issue is that the connection needs to be reset on a consistent basis.


Just in case it happens again, try setting up a widget command to see if the issue is on the Google Home or Garadget side.


Having the same issue with IFTTT - also unsure how to re-authorise Garadget account in IFTTT


Please go to settings page and edit connection.


Thanks again Denis - you are a font of all knowledge :slight_smile:


I’ve have to re-authorise twice in the last week, this is getting silly now. Could you please add direct Google Assistant support?