Google Home integration not working

I recently changed my password, and google home connection failed as expected. I removed Garadget from home and have not been able to add it back. I go to add it, enter my credentials and submit.
The page seems to process this for a second or two and then returns me to the authorise google home page again. I am sure the password is correct as I can use it to login to the web site. Please help

I seem to have a similar issue. Google Home stopped working for some reason (I didn’t change my password or anything). I tried to disconnect and reconnect but it says “No compatible devices were found in your Garadget account”. I can still control the device via the Garadget app.

I have the same issue…
I have not been able to get the devs to respond to this and have been unable to get any support.

From the looks of the number of people viewing this thread this seems to be a big problem.

How do we get Garadget’s attention do we need to burn them in reviews and social media before they do anything…?

Very frustrated user

I had this exact problem for 2 years. I finally reached out and emailed garadget directly and the developer responded to me. He reset my information on the server side and I was able to reconnect garadget with Google home. Hope that helps.