Google Home voice

A few months back my Google Home Mini’s stoped opening and closing the garage door. They would acknowledge the command “[open] and [close] the garage door” and the Mini’s would respond with opening or closing but nothing actually happened.

The issue was discussed briefly here in this community but I never had a solution. Yesterday I by accident gave the minis a voice command to “Turn on the garage door” and the garage door opened. I also tried “turn off the garage door” command triggered the door but it stalled the action shortly after starting close the door.

Has anyone else had this issue and know how to resolve it so I can tell give my “open” and “close” commands back?

I had the same thing happen, I disconnected garadget from my Google home account and then reconnected it. It fixed the problem for the time being. I had to do this with IFTTT regularly so tried similar with Google Home and Garadget.