Green Blink, ONLY, soon as powered

Immediately starts blinking Green when plugged up.
Laser blinks half blink, then off.
Connected to opener or not.
USB power OK.

Any suggestions or tests to try??
I didn’t realize how much I used it.


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Blinking green indicates an attempt to connect to WiFi. If blinking continues then the attempt fails.
You can reset the unit to factory default by pressing and holding “M” button for about 10 seconds until you see the burst of LED blinks.


What should I do if this doesn’t work? I have held the m button many times and even up to 30 seconds but it still returns to the flashing green light.

Make sure you hold “M” button (one that is closer to LED) and not “R” button.
If the reset doesn’t work It is possible that the controller is malfunctioning.