Help transferring garadget to generic Particle account

Hello! Original kickstarter backer who just now (how many years later!?) is going through setup with my garadget. Great product and I’m happy you used a Particle Photon with great api support.

I’ve registered my device under two separate garadget accounts successfully, but would like to transfer it to a generic particle api account so I can use it with a custom smartthings integration.

My device ID should be in my profile; if an admin could be so kind as to help me remove this id from the product, I believe I’ll be able to successfully claim it in particle’s dashboard.

hmmm; i just found 401 in REST API Even With New Account, so perhaps I’ll try porting that behavior into the smartthings garadget functionality. please hold off on removing my device.

Thank you for your early support of the project.
You getting 401 status with plain vanilla Particle API may have to do with the fact that your Photon’s ID is part of the Garadget product or that you’ve authorized with product specific oAuth client.

If you would like to try the same calls with ID removed, I can do that and later I can re-add it if you decide to roll it back. Let me know.

Thanks Denis! Your comment in 401 in REST API Even With New Account helped me generate a perpetual API token that I hardcoded into the SmartThings SmartApp, and now i have Garadget up and running in SmartThings and in the Garadget app. Best of both worlds. I will PR or fork the fuzzysb github repo and document what I did to hardcode a token.

Ideally when my time allows I’ll implement the oauth flow but for now I’m a happy camper. Great product, very easy to install.

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