Help with new Garadget install

Hi all - just got my Garadget and in the process of setting it up. I have a Liftmaster with Security+ 2.0, so I also bought the one-button remote adapter to wire in to Garadget. I’m also integrating through Control4. So far, everything has gone smoothly, and I’m able to interface with Garadget from C4. I was able to connect to Wi-Fi, and the door will OPEN fine, but when I try to close Garadget, all 4 lights flash on the Garadget and then it appears to go through the reset sequence (one, then two, then two solid and one flashing LED). Opening still works fine if I manually move the Garadget back to closed status and open up again. I’m definitely doing something wrong - but what?

Thanks in advance -


I think what’s going on is the siren/strobe overloads the power supply. Please try turning off the siren and strobe in C4 composer properties and see if the issue persists. If it doesn’t then we can try a different power adapter (any USB charger will work for this) before re-enabling the alerts.

Disabled the siren before close and it works like a charm!

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Thanks you for giving that a try.
If you need siren re-enabled, please try with a different power adapter.
I’ll do some additional testing on my end too.