Hidden SSID

I am trying to change the WiFi SSID on my Garadget to a new network I created for my IoT devices. The SSID is hidden and that seems to be preventing me from connecting to it. Any time I try to save the settings in the web configuration it fails when the SSID is manually set to something that isn’t a visible network.


Are you able to save connection with the visible SSIDs?

I can manually enter the connection information for an SSID that is visible, yes. It is only when I enter the information for the hidden SSID when I am unable to save the settings.

When I see this it makes me think of this little gotcha in the Particle documentation:

When the Photon is used with hidden or offline networks, the security cipher is also required.

I may need to look into it closer.
Meanwhile the workaround is to setup Garadget while the SSID is visible and then hide it again.