Hörmann ProMatic opener - How to install?

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Any clue how to install Garadget to this opener?


You can download manual here?

It seems that it can be connected to those red and black connectors. See the pages 25 and 26 from the manaual.

Left one seems to be used for “2-wire photocell* (dynamic)”

And right ones for "External impulse button*

Which one it should be installed?


From the manual it looks like two closer to the center of PCB.


I also thought so… I tried and the fuse from Garage went down… strange


Do you have an existing wired wall button connected to the opener?


No. Only remote controllers.

So the polarity of wiring is irrelevant?


Garadget uses a simple contact relay so the polarity shouldn’t be a factor.
You can test the by just shorting the wires because that’s what Garadget does when you send the command.


I got it working but now but for some reason Garadget has hard time to connect wifi/server. It is blinking fastly cyan and blinking green in cycles.

Couple days ago when I first installed the external antenna there was “good” reception to the Garage. The signal strength was -73dB. But now it just won’t work. I have double check the antenna connection also and tried different places on the garage. When I bring it to inside and press R I can get even 3dB reception if it’s near the router.


After some testing… it seems that the cold weather might be the cause. It’s now -20C (-4F) here in Finland and when I bring the device back to inside… it takes about 1-2 minutes before the device gets connection.


I got it working now after some 48h struggle!

I had to replace original charges with a 2.1A charger. It looks like external antenna and cold weather drains more power. Hope this helps if someone has similar problems.