How do I change my username

I can’t login via the app on my iPhone without excess hassle. I can ask for a password reset and then it goes ahead and allows a login with the same password as before. However this is a slow process and unwieldy. I believe the reason is that I set up the account with a username that is not an email address and the app won’t accept a username that is not an email address. Is there a way to update my username with my email address?

What is the version of the app that you use?
If it is anything less than 2.0.6, please uninstall the app and re-install it from the app store.
If you have the latest app let me know and we’ll go ahead with troubleshooting.

Jack - I would highly recommend using the “require authentication” feature on the iOs app. I have the iPhone Xs, but others use fingerprint security (mine uses my face). This is a SUPER QUICK way to login to the app - it uses the phone’s biometrics when you allow it. :slight_smile:

Thank you. I am using version V.2.6+12, GPL3

I have also switched to using FaceID on my iPhone. Still it would be great to clear up the username issue.