How does the Garadget close a door when I am in another city?

I have looked but not found an actual answer to my question. So, if I am in another location, city, country, whatever… how does pushing the garage door icon on my phone app actually get the garage door to operate? My phone can connect to my home WiFi, but if I leave my home is it only on the cellular network. I would really like to understand how it works. Can you explain it? :slightly_smiling_face:

It’s the power of “the cloud”. Garadget devices connect to the cloud over you home wi-fi and your Internet provider. Using your app at home is the same as from any other location with Internet access. It doesn’t matter where you push the button as long as you are connected to Internet by either wi-fi or cellular data. I will need to check but it should also work on commercial flights with full Internet access.

Did I answer your question?

Interesting, thanks. So if I am away, must I enable an internet app and just leave it running in the background on my phone? Or does enabling the Garadget app enable internet access to the cloud via cellular?

Your Garadget needs constant connection to the network. The app doesn’t have to be running on the phone and your phone doesn’t need to be online unless/until you want to operate your door. Push notifications can only be delivered when your phone is online, but the app doesn’t have to be running for that.

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Awesome,. thanks! This high tech stuff is so cool. I am 67, and trying to wrap my head around it. Bottom line, it works and that is the important thing. So far I am LOVING my Garadget and the peace of mind it has given me.