How I reduced false notifications

I purchased 2 Garadget units and was experiencing lots of false open/closed notifications. My problems were due to:

  1. The glue pad would not keep the Garagdget unit stuck to the garage lift, so it would fall off and point to the ground resulting in false notifications
  2. The laser light would migrate off the reflector’s small surface because the Garadget unit is stuck to the bottom of the garage lift and the vibration from opening and closing caused the laser light to move over time.

My solutions:

  1. REFLECTOR SURFACE ISSUE: For $7, I purchased a pack of eight 2 x4 reflectors off Amazon and installed 3 horizontally, greatly increased the reflector surface to 6x4. I have not had any more issues with laser light migrating or moving off the reflector surface since.

  2. GLUE PAD ISSUE: I removed the silver screw that connects the Garadget unit to its pivot base and while the base was still stuck to the garage lift, I used a 1/16 drill bit to put two tiny holes (front and back) from the base into the garage lift (be careful not to push too hard and damage your garage lift). I then inserted 2 tiny 2 x 3/8 screws into the holes, securing the pivot base to the garage lift. I then reconnected the Garadget unit to the pivot base with the silver screw that came with the unit. I also give the silver screw an extra turn which also helps with keeping the unit from moving up/down. The result is that the Garagdget unit is now secure to the garage lift with screws and not a glue pad.

I have not gotten any false open/close notifications since I’ve made these modifications.

I hope this helps someone who is as frustrated with all the false notifications as i was…

Now if they can do something about the crappy app interface, especially for multiple units…

Sorry about the trouble and kudos on getting them resolved. Few notes:

  • Vibration and not tightened screw can cause laser to migrate and result false positives, but in majority of the cases they’re are caused by weak sensor reflection that is too close to the configured threshold. This situation is covered in another thread.
  • There are even less expensive options for reflective tape on ebay (1mx5cm roll for around $1 shipped).
  • Suggestions for improved app interface are very welcome

I’m going to get some reflective tape too to help with the migration and the plan was to screw them down.
The migration is due to the sticky pads drifting over time as in my case when I push on the base/pad it lines up again.
I didn’t have any issues with weak sensor reflection. The red dot would just so lining up over time.

I have 3 Garadgets, and all of them experienced some “drift” over time. They would slowly creep upward and point above my reflector pad. I was definitely tightening the screw after lining up the laser dead center. Sometimes it’d be 15 minutes, sometimes an hour later, when I went out to check, it had settled back into the same spot above the door. I eventually got them all aligned through some trial and error. My solution ended up being to tighten it when the laser was pointing just below the pad. Then when it settled in, it stopped on the pad.

I don’t know why, but my wild guess is as I was trying to fine-tune the alignment, I was actually tugging on the double sided adhesive pad, loosening it slightly. As the pad re-adhered, it affected the laser alignment.

My suggestion for the next generation of this product is to have some fine tuning adjustment knob or screw for the laser alignment.

Wynn, thanks for your suggestion.
Another idea that was suggested is the ball joint so the adjustment can be done in both dimensions.