How to set up if not at location where Garadget will be installed?


I’ve got a couple Garadgets which will get set up at a remote location (the general use case would be like : vacation cabin, etc.) From what I can tell, there isn’t an easy way to set up the Particle part of a DIY Garadget without being on the network that it will finally reside on. I’m assuming the product Garadgets will come with firmware on them, but not clear on how much set up can occur even in that scenario before you get there.

Any thoughts on the best process for both the DIY and product versions?

Hi @earlthesquirrel,

Factory-built units have their IDs known by the Particle cloud as belonging to the Garadget and they’ll pull the latest version of the firmware over the air after setup. Home-grown units can be programmed (1) over the air using Particle Build, (2) over the DFU USB connection or using (3) JTAG programmer. The current source code can be found in github repository. For options 2 & 3 the code needs to be compiled first. I can provide the latest binary or this can be done with the offline compiler.

Thanks, I hadn’t found that link…

Once I have the code on the Particle, from there out, will I be able to trigger over the air updates from your app?
Or will I have to build and push using Particle web site? Or?

You’ll always have option to upload Garadget firmware (or your custom firmware) using Over-the-air, USB or JTAG programmer. Additionally, when your home-grown build joins the network claiming to be a Garadget it becomes eligible for the centralized firmware updates.