Hubitat Without MQTT?

Ok, so I’m switching to Hubitat from Smartthings. While I’ve done a bit of reading so far, is there any way to integrate Garadget without a MQTT Broker? I realize this is idea for local integration but right now, I’m looking for simple and am really not looking to set up and “manage” a MQTT broker instance.

I suppose I could do something like HiveMQ Cloud? I’d rather just do the same integration that I have with Smartthings. I found the modified code for Hubitat, but it seems the login is broken.

As your switching anyways, you might have a look at nymea. It has a garadget built in without using mqtt.

It was the main reason I made the MQTT client for garadget. All local. If the integration is still working with Smartthings I’m not sure how far off the code could be for the login on Hubitat for the cloud connect code as it worked in the same way if I remember correctly.

I can absolutely see why you don’t want to run yet another thing to let them talk to each other…I was hesitant at first but just ended up running a docker image on a NAS I already had so it ended up being pretty easy for me. If you don’t have something like that the next cheapest/easiest is probably a raspberry pi. The code for the MQTT server is extremely small.