I have two unites and they keep switching places in the app

I just installed 2 of these at my home today but I’m a bit puzzled when I look at the app on my Android.

I named one Small Door and the Other Big Door.

But sometimes they appear to be switching places. I’ll click on Small Door and big Door Opens.

Later I click on Small Door and small door works like it should.

I can go into the settings and see they are both in different IPs and have different Mac addressess…

Just a bit confused about this app and how it works…

Do you experience the same issue with the web interface?

I’ll give it a try tomorrow… so far just the Android App.

I had the same problem, and after getting them lined back up (renaming, resetting), it would happen again. My work-around it to not use the app, but use IFTTT and create an applet based on “Open Garage Door with Button Widget”. The button then sits on my phones home screen for easy access. If you have a Smartthings hub, that integration never mixes up the two either.