If your USB on the device breaks

If your USB breaks off the board the item is not useless
I got mine working by cutting the end of any USB plug and used a 4 pin motherboard connector from a PC
from left to right looking at the plug end of the unit I used
white green red blue
this worked flawlessly
maybe there is a way in the future
a 4 pin plug could be used instead of the USB?

Thanks for your idea, Adam. I’m glad to hear you got your Garadget working again. Here’s more info about this solution.

Please keep in mind that USB connector damage is covered under warranty so you can just send your unit for repair.


I am having the broken usb connector issue. I am right at the 30 day window. Can’t seem to get the return process to work. When I enter the info for my Newegg order, it says that it hasn’t shipped yet. Can’t seem to get past this point. Any help? Thanks.

As per our email conversation the replacement unit has been dispatched to your address.
Please follow up if you have any questions or concerns.

Thanks for this great tidbit of information. I am back up and running. This seems much more durable as well.