Ifttt applet

I have a problem with the IFTTT Amazon Alexa Applet and the Garadget. The last time it worked fine, but now it seems to be a problem with choosing the door. Before it shows my doors name there pop up an error.

Please can you help me resolve this Problem ?
I named the IFTTT Amazon Alexa trigger: „garagentor auf“ and „garagentor zu“ for opening and closing my door. (German)
I‘m very happy with my Garadget, but now I can’t use it. :cold_sweat:
Thank you very much.

Best regards

Please try re-authorizing your Garadget account with IFTTT by following this link and clicking on “Edit Connection”.

when I follow your link and edit the connection I get this…

Can not connect to database ‘softcomp_garadget’: Access denied for user ‘softcomp_garadgt’@’***.net’ (using password: YES)

So I unlinked the garadget from ifttt and now I can’t connect the 2 anymore with the same error as above.

I’ve reset permissions and now it works for me. Please check.

Seems to be linking ok now, thanks

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