IFTTT Integration - Test Account

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I am trying to use IFTTT to link my Garadget to other things but it will only connect as “Test Account” and offers me bobcat_turkey as my garage door, which is not my door. Screenshots are below. Help please.


Kyle, do you have multiple Particle platform accounts sharing the same email address?


I searched Garadget accounts by your forum email and there’s indeed one with the online Garadget called “bobcat_turkey”.


Not that I know of. My door is just named garage in the app.


I changed the name of the door in my app and now it shows up in IFTTT correctly. Odd.


I got the IFTTT to function but it is very delayed. I want my Lutron lights to come on when I come home and it does work but it is delayed by minutes sometimes up to 20. How can this be fixed?


Also IFTTT actions are handled in near real time, IFTTT triggers are handled based on IFTTT periodically requesting the state of the doors from the server and running the applets when the change is detected, this is inherently slow process.

There is an additional API allowing the service to notify IFTTT about the need for the scan and implementing this feature may improve the response (though it’s not guaranteed). I’ll get this on the todo list, but it’s going to be looked at after higher priority features are completed.


Is there a rough ETA on the API implementation and any estimate on the response time improvement after it would be implemented?


In IFTTT docs they say the response is going to be “near-instantly”. It’s difficult to commit to the ETA on this, hopefully I’ll have the availability for this by the end of the year.


Any update on the IFTTT API implementation?


It’s still on the list with several todo items ahead of it. Please stay tuned for updates.


I, too, see myself connected as Test Account, however, everything works fine for me. Should I be seeing my actual account name though?



We are in December now, any update on the API implementation?


Can I get an update please


This is still on todo list.
I was going to take on this right after MQTT implementation, but now Alexa/Echo situation made its way to the top of the list. Sorry, maintaining the existing functionality takes precedence over the new features. Please stay tuned.


Any change?


Once again, can I request the IFTTT API be implemented? Having real-time IFTTT interactions is one of the main reasons I bought the product and I’ve owned it for 6 months without being able to get it to do what I had intended.


Thanks for the reminder.
Currently the work is done on the Garadget specific API layer on top of Particle’s. This lays the groundwork for many account features including faster IFTTT triggers.


It’s done. Realtime API for IFTTT is in the house.

Now Garadget servers notify IFTTT when there’s a change instead of IFTTT periodically checking for changes. The triggers are now working in near real time.

Try Garadget-app-independent push notifications on door opening, email all door events, Record events in Google Drive or Evernote, blink or switch Hue Lights and do other cool things with your Garadget.


Tested and verified. It works great, thank you!