IFTTT isn't working


I’ve tried everything. Re-auth, log out of app back in to app, tried to remove the applet, made my own applet, used one of the few provided applets. I feel like there are more issues with this than it was worth. I understand it’s not a big name but I’d have hoped it would have worked a little better for the price. 5/10 review in my book.

Is there also no way to have multiple users per door. so I don’t have to have my login info on my wife’s phone? Sorry two part post


My IFTTT “Make sure the garage door is closed at night” applet seems to be working. About twice a year I have to monkey with IFTTT to keep it working. Usually, logging out/in the IFTTT Garadget service fixes it.
I trust my wife with my Garadget account info so I set her up with my password. Works great albeit my alert settings become her alert settings and visa-versa. Sorry, I don’t know if multiple users are available with the app.


Yea, I’ve done everything. It’s a little frustrating because they point the blame at someone else

I’ll give it another shot of logging in/out and see I guess


I had a similar problem. I fixed it by using my pc to activate the App in IFTTT.