IFTTT "loading" on door selection


Home assistant voice command stopped working for open close garage door.

I’ve signed out of garadget and in again. Reinstalled app.

Signed out of IFTTT , reinstalled , signed in again.

Still has “loading” on door selection.

Any ideas?


Also unlinked from home assistant and linked again

Do you still see Garadget controller listing in the IFTTT/Home Assistant accounts after you re-link the services? Are you still able to control open/close from the Garadget app?

Still able to open close with garadget app. Can see the account linked in home assistant, it’s just IFTTT that has that “loading” on door selection

Please try re-linking the IFTTT service by clicking “Edit” at https://ifttt.com/garadget/settings

That worked perfectly. Thanks for helping, bizarre it didn’t update through the IFTTT app. Very much appreciated