IFTTT not working

As of today, the “make sure the garage door is closed at night” integration isn’t working. I can enter my Garadget username and password, it recognizes my door name, but I get “there was an error during check process” when running the “check now” routine. Also, I set all days in the trigger and it keeps reverting back to Monday only.
Is anyone else having a problem with IFTTT?

Hi @twarner
I’ll try and attach some screenshots from my account for the same service. I did notice several failures for this service in the last few days, so I wonder if maybe IFTTT had some issues.

I don’t see any screenshots of your settings but it sounds like you’ve got it setup correct. Denis might have some insight when he sees this, too.

I did notice tonight that mine is also doing the same Monday thing. Seems like it’s working fine though. But, it does say “every day of the week…” :man_shrugging:t2:

There’s not much to that service, so I have to think it’s something on their end maybe.

Thank you. My “check” function is working now where it wasn’t before. I’ll have to leave the door open and see if the IFTTT recipe works. Trying to get the time setting synchronized if always problematic. It’s always a trial and error at daylight savings time changes.