IFTTT Open Garage on Arrival is misbehaving


Since updating my iPhone 7+ to iOS 11, the Open Garage on Arrival IFTTT applet has been acting odd. About a third of the time, it works as expected, another third, it just ignores that I’ve entered the proximity area. The REALLY odd this is that for the final third, the door opens several hours AFTER I’ve come home.

Any suggestions?


This has likely to do with the way iOS reports the location to IFTTT’s app. This should affect multiple apps and I suspect if this is the case, Apple will fix this.


Same thing has been happening to me…get home around 5, use my remote to open since IFTTT proximity area opener didn’t work, then wake up in the morning with my garage door open…found out it opened around midnight…


Open Garage on Arrival is now refusing to work for me. I reauthorized IFTTT access. Can turn the app on but when I go to configure the location I get told “We can’t access your service” and it can never find the garage door. The Garadget app works just fine.

I also did a reset. The cyan led will slowly pulsate.


Jim, can you try Garadget action with some other trigger or IFTTT’s location trigger with some other reliable action. It is possible that the issue is not related to Garadget end of the applet.


None of the IFTTT applets related to Garadget appear to work. These include Open (or Close) Garage Door with Button Widget. From my iPhone, I get “Failed Request: internal server error (500)” when attempting to access their settings.

IFTTT is able to properly trigger the applet to turn on lights when i’m close to home. So the location trigger works.


Jim, please try to un-link the Garadget service from your IFTTT account and re-link it again.


That should fix it.


Here you can click on “Disconnect Garadget” to unlink the service.