IFTTT stopped working

Hi All, been working fine for a while and setting a light to turn on after a certain time if a garage door opened, used IFTTT to acheive this, however the IFTTT simply says ‘options unavailable’

anyone else still using IFTTT?

I have been having issues with Garadget and IFTTT working to Open the Garage Upon Arrival. I am now testing a skill that would just alert me when in the area of my house. I’ll post back if that is working or not. If it is, then the issue is with Garadget. If it does not work, there is an issue with Location Services and IFTTT.

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Yes, another frustrated user here where ifttt will lose access of the garadget after an undetermined period, it could be a few days or a few weeks, but it always happens. I have also requested direct Google Assistant support.

The native integration is coming soon. It’s under review and should become available in coming days.

Please let me know your findings.

I’ll be able to let you know in about 30 minutes when I am back home.

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I’m having trouble with “open on arrival “ it opens in no less than 5 to 8 minutes after I enter the area. I tried to remedy this by making the area boarder more than 5 min drive time away with no luck because I find myself not leaving the boarder because the area is so large.

This must be on the trigger side (location component in IFTTT app). We’ll look into native implementation in Garadget app. This feature is challenging though: the accurate location requires continuous use of GPS and that quickly drains the phone’s battery. The approximate location based on WiFi networks and cellular towers uses almost no additional power, but is not very accurate.

I also am interested in getting IFTTT working again. I was using other Applets to close my garage door at night. Hasn’t worked for a little over 2 weeks. Is there a plan to get IFTTT integration working again?


Did you try to re-authorize your Garadget connection in IFTTT?

I had tried that earlier without it working, but it just worked now. Thanks!

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