IFTTT - We can't access your service


My Garadget has been working great for 6+months now. However, just in the last 24 hours it will not work with any IFTTT applets. Each time i try to configure or reconfigure an applet I get a large RED banner at the top of my computer screen that says "We Can’t Access Your Service."

I have also started getting a “Parse error, nme=” error each time I open the Garadget app on my phone. The app does open and close the door just fine.

I have reset everything with the same results.

Any ideas?


I just ran the API test on Garadget’s IFTTT channel and all seems to work fine.
Are you able to logout and login back into your account on the web/app?
Maybe you need a password reset?


Resetting password did not seem to help. When I go to IFTTT and click on Garadget Service Icon and then try to set up a new applet it gets to the Which Door? question and hangs at “Loading. . .” It does the same thing when trying to reconfigure my old applets with Garadget but no other IFTTT applets.



This may be something account specific. I assume you tested your new password by logging out logging back in. Do you see your device(s) in the web app?


Yes, I can open and close the door just fine within the app.


Here is it months later and I am having the same problem using IfTTT to open/close my garage door. It has been working without an error for months. The error now says, "Garadget seems to be down right now."Gdoorerror

Update, after disconnecting service to IfTTT and then reconnecting Garadget to it, all seems to be working again.



This is exactly what happened to me. I am deleting all the Garadget skills and rebuilding them now. It all stopped on September 6th.