IFTTT Weather Underground Notification triggered Garadget Open door

I have configured the Open Door on Arrival Applet and have Location applet configured for when IFTTT app is running, This morning the weather applet sent the scheduled notification and a second after the garage door was also opened.

This is obviously not the desired effect. Is there a way to prevent this from happening? It seems the Garadget applet is not very reliable and this adds a security issue on top of that.

This sounds like coincidental events. Please review activity log in IFTTT to see if there were any commands issued to Garadget.

I did check the logs and here’s what I think happened. I have IFTTT configured to use location when the app is running, the night before when I arrived home the Open Garage door didn’t run because the IFTTT app wasn’t running. Next day, after receiving the WU scheduled 7:00am notification, IFTTT started and detected my location and at that point, triggered the Garadget applet to open the door. I don’t know how the applet queues arrival/location information but if I’m already at home it should ignore/skip the Open command.

And it just happened again. I came home and the Garadget applet did NOT open the door on arrival. A few minutes later, I go to IFTTT to check logs and the door starts opening. This applet needs some serious work.

Has anybody figured out how to make it work reliably?

For now I’ll just have to disable it.

The applet doesn’t control the location service that triggers the event. It merely connects it with Garadget. With this being IFTTT’s service, only they can improve it. We’ll look into rolling out a native version, but it will always be a subject to phone’s location service constraints.

I had a different issue just now. I disabled the previous applet and only have the “Make sure Garage door is closed at night” and again the WU notification triggered it and the door actually opened at 11:00pm at night. This is ridiculous, these applets are useless. Sorry but I’m completely removing/disabling the Garadget IFTTT applet until there’s a better solution.

I might have to try the MyQ product which my wife hasn’t returned yet