IFTTT won't refresh?

I’ve found over the years that I’ve had garadget, I’ve had to go into IFTTT and re-authenticate my credentials every few months or so. This time when I noticed it stopped working with my Alexa (signaling to me I needed to re-authenticate), when I tried to refresh my credentials, I got this error:

Anyone know how I can fix this?

I’ve been clicking “Edit” and re-logging in – and that’s worked in the past. If I click “Remove Garadget” it’ll delete all the IFTTT recipes I have. :disappointed:

Any ideas would be very welcome, thank you!

I also have to re-login every month or so. I go into the app, select a Garadget recipe, select the Garadget icon (brings you to the service page) select the gear icon, log in. Sometimes I have to go the gear in the recipe page and re-select the door and “update”