Install with Genie 409

I have a genie 409 opener and was able to install garadget to open door but closing will not work, please advise

Are you able to both open and close the door by shorting the ends of the wires connected to Garadget’s blue terminal?

From what I was able to dig on it, these are the terminals we’re connecting to:

Shorting did not work, yes connected garadget to terminal red wire to 1 and blue wire to 2

I suspect there’s some lose wiring involved.
Are you able to operate the door with the wall push button? Because essentially that’s what button does: temporarily shorts the wires connected to it.

Wall button work for open and close. I’ve verified wiring, all are secured and are not touching each other.

Please trace where the wall button is connected. Shorting the opener terminals to which wall button is connected should produce the same result as pressing the wall button.

Exception is when a wall console uses a serial protocol to talk to the opener. From the manual it is apparent that it is not the case with this opener model.

Wall button is a simple single button. Shorting terminal at wall does work

Then shorting the terminals to which the wall button is connected should also work. Please confirm.

Please clarify on how to achieve that.

Sure. You have two wires coming from the opener to the wall button. We already established that when you short them using the wall button, the opener works as expected (both opening and closing).

Please attach Garadget’s control wire to the same terminals on the opener. Connecting the exposed copper on the other end should have the same effect as pressing the wall button.

Here’s the picture to show the concept:

Hot pink here is the Garadget’s control wire. If the wiring is correct, then shorting the two ends that go into Garadget’s blue terminal should have the same effect as pressing the wall button.