Installation Gliderol - Glidermatic GTS+ Optima

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To install first set up your app and test the unit against your wifi before attempting the installation.

Then go the the owners installation manual.

on Page 5 there are the instruction on connecting the “External Wall Switch Connection Diagram” look at the One Button Switch and install the wires (in any order) to the 2 connectors.

If you open the unit, take of the faceplate and then unscrew the cover the base should look like this:

Look at the row of connectors and connect the wires to the last 2 screws:

I drilled holes in the plastic casing support struts and poked the wires through the holes out the back of the unit so the garadget wires did not interfere with the unit’s wiring.

I attached the Garadget to the underside:

Then up your Garadget and test - worked first time.

I think the wiring is similar on all Gliderol units.

Easiest installation ever.