Installation Instruction confusion


Just got my Garadget today and found the setup procedures seem to have changed from the web site ""
The web site reads:
When instructed, switch to WiFi configuration screen of your mobile device and reconnect it to the temporary open hot spot created by Garadget. The name of the network will be PHOTON-XXXX where XXXX are random numbers and letters.

After connection is established, return to the app or the web-page. Following a short delay, you will be presented with the list of the WiFi networks visible to your Garadget. Select your home network and enter the connection credentials.

In actuality, all setup asks for is you to identify the Garadget device and then enter login to your wifi router.
It then completes the setup without ever asking for all the hotspot stuff. (Much better BTW)

If you then decide to use IFTTT, it still comes up with “Test Account” and some fictitious garage door name. Thanks to a post in the IFTTT category in this community, the answer is to change the Garage door name in the Garadget app.

All is working including OK Google to open and close the door.
Very well done Garadget!



Thanks for the note on the process description discrepancy.
The description and video in instructions were based on iOS app. Were you using and Android?


Yes I was.