Installation issues

My device, using the browser version of the software, does not do the following:

  1. the app does not display if the garage is open or close (the app keeps saying the door is stopped but no status as to whether it’s closed, open, etc)

  2. when you tap the garage door icon to open or close, the garage door only open for a few seconds before it stop either on the close or open

  3. the app thinks the garage is open when it is closed and vice Versa

I have a genie garage opener. Can you please advise?

Hello @Shahzius,

Please make sure you get your Garadget sync’d with the door. For that please close the door using the wall button and make sure that the app reports it as “closed”. If it doesn’t then:

  1. make sure laser is blinking and illuminating the reflective patch
  2. the reflection rate is above the threshold parameter in settings