Installation with a MT60P

Anyone know correct numbers to install Garadjet’s 2 wires to on this type of GDO…i know they are colour coded but i have watched all the videos and all the videos have a different type of wire install then this type…

Garage model opener is Merlin MT60P…i am in Australia


Yes. It’s 1 and 2.
Blue and white.

According to the manual page 16 the wired button is connected to terminals #1 (red) and #2 (white)

The picture shows blue and white on terminals 1&2. Red and black are not terminated at all.

Yes, picture shows white and blue wires. They are connected to red (1) and white (2) terminals respectively.


thanks everyone…you are all correct …i thought that. but wanted to check before installing …had to convince wife to let me install…so wanted no issues when she arrived home

thanks again