Installation with a seemingly faulty unit

My opener is a simple press button.(lighted up switch)
When button is pressed, it shortens the switch.

Garadget in this case should simulate a shortening of the wires to be a button pressed,
However, when I measured the continuity with a multimeter, it’s always shortened at normal state, can I change that to be open circuit at normal state?

Btw I shortened the lifter’s input and it does work.
My setup is all default.

The relay should be normally open and each unit is tested for multiple cycles of relay action.
However there was a case when customer’s older opener ran too much current through the contact which resulting arc welding the contacts together. The contact would release over time, but get stuck again on the next command.

We ended up adding a 10A relay module to address the issue. We can do the exchange, but if you suspect that this can be a similar case then the options are either return or a relay mod.