Installation with Chamberlain Liftmaster Professional 1245R

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I have a really old Chamberlain Lifemaster Professional (manufactured 2003). Can someone help with the correct wiring ? I don’t know what the precise model number is but on the side it says Chamberlain Liftmaster Professional 1/3 HP. I have not been able to find the correct manual online.

EDIT : Managed the find the model number : 1245R


Looks like it’s terminals 1 & 2. You can confirm by looking which wire goes to wall button.


I managed to find the model number and also the manual online. It does show wires 1 and 2 connecting to the wall button. Does it matter which terminal I connect the two wires from Garadget to ?


Nop. Garadget has a relay that just electrically connects the two wires together when you send the command.