Installation with Craftsman

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I’m at a loss for what I need to do to connect my Garadget with my 1/2hp craftsman (2009 model). Any help is appreciated!



You should have a look into ; Page 17 into pdf.


I don’t believe that’s the same model as mine though. Does that make a difference?


Only Craftsman can answer this question. Most probably they have kept the same configuration but I can’t guarantee this.

How do you open the garage door as of today? Do you have only a remote or you have also a button somewhere?


Two on the left are the ones for the wall button. That’s where you connect your Garadget.


So do I remove the existing wires on there or do I just add the garadget’a wire in there with the existing wires?


Existing wires are connected to the wall button. You want to keep them where they are. Just double up Garadget wires with them.


Sounds good, thank you! I also saw that you have someone working on Home Assistant integration. How’s that coming?


It sounds like the developer is making good progress, and Garadget integration has a good chance of making it into the official release. Looking forward to it.


So I tried setting it up and I’m having issues with the wifi. I connected it and it kept saying the door was offline so I reset it and tried it again. Now it’s finishing set up but throwing this error at me refusing to go online.


I figured it out! Used the web app to configure it instead.


I’ve also got a Craftsman 1/2HP, but I’m still confused on how to connect the wires. Do I just mash in the garage wires into the same holes that already have my button? Or do I need to connect them some other way?


Garadget wire goes in first two terminals on the left along with the existing wall console connection. The completed connection will look somewhat similar to the obstacle sensor wiring in the terminals on the right.

For the reliable contact I’d suggest twisting Garadget wires with corresponding wall console wires before inserting them into the terminal.


Great thanks, I’ll give that a go as soon as I get home.